Ice Researchers Capture Catastrophic Greenland Melt

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Ice Researchers Capture Catastrophic Greenland Melt

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Ice Researchers Capture Catastrophic Greenland Melt. Here's a video clip and story excerpt from The Los Angeles Times: "Over a few summer days in 2012, nearly all of the Greenland ice sheet surface thawed right under the feet of a UCLA led team of scientists. What was not absorbed into snow quickly gathered and flowed across the 20,000 square mile sheet, coalescing into roaring turquoise rivers. My friend pandora cheap rings and I are 21 and not ready to settle down yet. She has slept with a few men this year and is happy. But this weekend she told me something that I thought was a joke. What we are left with are the words spoken by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in Mosul in early July of this year. There is no ambiguity or subtlety in his message. The creation of the caliphate is not an end in itself, but merely the means to achieving the ultimate end, which is total victory for the religion of Allah Islam.

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