Fluttering, with the

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Fluttering, with the

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Fluttering, with the blue sea, the moon, should be accompanied by the poet's shallow singer, such as a smoky smoky, carelessly flowing Qinghui into the world. The wind, blowing in the air, reflects the cold smoke and the moon, the stars are empty, scorning in the moon's gloom, plunging through the mist, picking up the clear water, such as clearing the mud without staining, although it can not After the long lead, but the millennium, the truth has been clarified, and what the wind sees is always the smog of the smoke after the clouds are opened. The leaves are wandering, the cold and the cold, the sprinkling of the silver illuminates the once clear leaves. I didn't come to the ground for a while, scorning the old leaves, and my heart trembled a little: I spent a lifetime, bathing in the spring and summer, and now, the leaves are back. The leaf piles are more secluded in the moonlight, and they know that everything has their own spirits Wholesale Cigarettes, so they hold their hands and yellow, raise them, let them go, and fly leaves. I know that when I look for it in the future, I will find thousands of Baidu in the public, but it will be turned into mud and dust. Only the clear springs and the long flowing, the sounds of ethereal sounds like smog, quiet and peaceful, a round of the moon, reflected in the Qingquan Above, if the jade plate, the slow wind blows, if the jade wheel is broken, the spring only stays star-studded with silver, quiet as the old picture scroll, simple and gorgeous, graceful and pure, finely crafted and unremarkable Modification, a spring month, broken Qiongyao month quietly hanging, after hundreds of millions of years, early obsessed with the reincarnation of the human world, the years are still not able to impress her. The moon is quietly suspended, disturbing the leaves, and the breeze is clear. I don��t know how many times I see it. It��s so transparent now, nothing to sigh. The moon is quietly hung, in the high cloud, everything is old and sick and has nothing to do with it. The moon is quietly hung, and it is ruthless to look at the world. It is easy to rain and wind, and enjoy the ecstasy of detachment. Know whether or not, know whether or not, only three glasses of two liqueurs can be kept together. : The sky is full of moonlight, the mountains and the mountains and the waters, the heart has no choice, the water and the moon mirror flowers, all three true and true Marlboro Red, looking at the sky, the pen sighs, the wind breeze asks: This evening Marlboro Lights, the Guanghan Palace main security?

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Re: Fluttering, with the

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