said, "Ye, my mother

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said, "Ye, my mother

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said, "Ye, my mother doesn't like you!" I laughed and fled. I walked alone for a while, I found that the water was too shallow, and it didn't make much sense. I said to my mother, "Are we still going ashore?" Mom said: "Play for a while." I continued to swim forward and found two in front. There are exits and waterfalls on the exit. I went from the lower reaches of the waterfall and found that the water impact of the waterfall was great, and it felt like many big stones were on the body. After swimming, we changed clothes and went back to the room. Mother asked to go outside to see the lotus, we went out of the hotel door and came to the lotus pond. The aroma of the lotus is very rich, and there is a scent of lotus leaves inside, which makes people very intoxicated. The green lotus leaf is like a small umbrella, standing in the water. Some of the lotus leaves have some water droplets in the middle. When the wind blows, the lotus leaves dance with the wind, and the water droplets roll like a pearl, rolling in the lotus leaves. The blossoming white lotus flower is like a huge pearl scattered in the lotus leaf Marlboro Cigarettes. It is beautiful. There is a lotus flower in the pond, and some unopened flower beds. There are many unknown wildflowers in the flowers on the shore, and there are many lush trees. The birds are screaming joyfully on the trees, and the sound is deafening. My mother and I walked into a lake in the backyard and saw the green water. The surrounding trees reflected in the water and looked more green. In a piece of wood, it is a villa with red tiles and white walls, which makes people feel beautiful. The next day, we took the bus to the artificial beach on the Sunshine Peninsula. At the entrance is a human mouth with two large holes like eyes. We walked in from the "mouth" and saw a large forest inside, and a winding path, many branches with dew on the road. When we passed, the clothes were beaten. When it was wet, my mother said to me: "Ye Ye, this is called 'empty green people'." At the beach, I found that the lake is very wide, and the thin sand is under our feet, feeling soft. The more you go to the lake, the more wet the sand. Next, we played a leggings game: tie one leg of the adult and one leg of the child, and run forward to see who can reach the finish line in the shortest time, who wins; in the middle of the run, if the rope If you lose it, you must tie the rope to the legs of the two people in the same place, otherwise it will be a foul. Some adults and children run like flats, while others go. When it was my turn and my mother, the whistle rang and the two of us started running. I told my mother, let's take our right foot first. But when I was on my right foot, my mother also took her right foot; when I left my left foot, my mother took her left foot again; this time, our speed slowed down. It took 57 seconds to reach the end After a short break, we played the table tennis relay again. I spent more than ten seconds to reach the end. Unfortunately, my mother's speed was still too slow. This time we still used more than 50 seconds. During the break, we also played tug-of-war competition. Everyone had a great time. After the game ended, the small reporters commented on the feelings of the event. I wrote the following words: "My happy footprints remain in the Sunshine Peninsula Newport Cigarettes. It is."
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