rance card, qualification c

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rance card, qualification c

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I took a photo of what I did today. Shooting scared myself, a strange image, clear and tough facial lines, melancholy deep and firm eyes, messy long hair, a standard young woman image. The last time I took the photo, I was still in my pocket, my gaze, my free eyes, my long hair, and a very awkward girl. Three years is really not white. I remember that I told a girl, a girl, and a girl in the last two days. Is it because I was jokes? Almost everyone is still young in middle age. For a moment of emotion, I turned out the photos of my previous and subsequent licenses and put them together for comparison. Because I usually don't like to take photos, so the photos left are not only the standard images used for the documents, except for the wedding photos I took very early (I left a very small set of photos to do) Commemoration, the rest do not know whether it was handled by the ex-husband). From the degree certificate, graduation photo to medical insurance card, qualification certificate, title certificate, ID card, driver's license, etc., the word is arranged. Green, mature, full, thin, fascinating, firm, sober, embarrassed, arrogant, embarrassing, one after another, overlapping, shaking in front, a period of memory It also jumped out, happy moments, unpleasant stories, and emerged. The memories left by the years on the face are not only the changes of fat or thin, tender or old, black or white, beautiful or ugly, but also the imprint of the mental journey, those smooth years, those vicissitudes In the past, the memories of those bones, the impressions of those sly, have been flowing in my heart, and they all have deep and shallow lines on their faces. Time and past events have made the delicate skin and soft tissues firm and full of texture, and also divide the spiritual space into different pieces to store different tastes and feelings, and to sharpen the blind eyes and weaken them. The erratic personality is polished and stiff, and then turns countless possibilities into a myriad of impossible realities, depicting the vast Carton Of Cigarettes, wide, blue sky that is low and narrow. Is this the time? Is this the mark left for me in the years? I am a little shocked Cheap Cigarettes, I am a little scared. I can also bare the time for the old man, let him stop, or even take a few steps, let me slow down a little, calmly, delicately, re-engraving on the face, remembering the British aestheticist Oscar Wilde "Dowling Gray" "Portrait", the beautiful boy finally looked at his portrait and verified his life. Time did not leave anything on his face mokingusacigarettes.com, but left too many impressions on his portrait, and finally let him regret the life that was once boring and boring. Everyone has a portrait of Wilde in his heart.
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Re: rance card, qualification c

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