medicated chewing gum to help quit smoking

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medicated chewing gum to help quit smoking

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A Danish firm Fertin Pharma Cheap Cigarettes, a world leader in nicotine replacement therapies, is setting up a manufacturing facility in Goa to produce them locally. The plant, with at least 50 employees to start with, is expected to be launched in November, according to S Ravi Kumar, CEO Managing Director of India subsidiary.

The number of people smoking cigarettes and chewing on gutkha/tobacco, which are leading causes of oral and lung cancers, is quite high in India. Approximately 110 million people smoke cigarettes causing around 32 per cent of deaths in males aged between 30-69.

The Goa facility of Fertin Pharma will produce high quality medicated chewing gums for the Indian market and help aid the society in the effort to minimise the use of tobacco Carton Of Newport 100S.

The unit is also planned to be a manufacturing hub for future exports to South-East Asia, Middle East and North Africa countries and Latam markets after obtaining relevant regulatory certifications.

The company based in Vejle Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, Denmark employs 580 people. It produces more than one-third of the nicotine chewing gums currently on the global market Newport Cigarettes. In 2011, it established an R in Mumbai, Ravi Kumar told BusinessLine.

Fertin Pharma, part of the 100-year-old Bagger-Sorensen group, is primarily a B2B manufacturer and has partnerships with large pharmaceutical multi-national companies such as Novartis Tobacco Shop, GSK and Perrigo. Potential partnerships for the Indian market are ongoing.

Medicated chewing gum can help some people get over their use of tobacco Newport Cigarettes. In several countries, they are recommended as a first line of treatment for those seeking medical help control their smoking habit.
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