Although probably not as important a

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Although probably not as important a

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Women's Watches: Features that Make a Truly Unique Timepiece
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Fashion and fashion accessories have always been important to the modern woman. One of the best ways to set yourself apart is to have a truly unique watch Fashion and fashion accessories have always been important to the modern woman. One of the best ways to set yourself apart is to have a truly unique watch 鈥?it is both practical and stylish. However Blake Comeau Stars Jersey , you do not want just any run-of-the-mill timepiece, it is important to find one that is unique, stylish, and represents who you are.

There are four main features that make a watch truly unique. When mixed and matched, these features can combine to create a unique and interesting accessory. Face color, strap style Mattias Janmark Stars Jersey , face shape and strap material each offer several options that make interesting and fashionable watches.

Face Color

The background color on the face of a watch can make even the simplest timepiece interesting. The only common requirement when creating your unique look is that you have a watch face that you are able to read; there is no use having a watch if you cannot use it! Watch faces come in so many different colors that your options are nearly limitless. You can get jewel-toned colors, such as emerald and sapphire, or classic colors such as black, white and bronze. Furthermore, there are watch faces with patterns and designs, such as hearts Radek Faksa Stars Jersey , stars and more.

Strap Style

Once you have decided what color you want the face of your watch to be, it is time to find a complementary strap style. Like the watch faces, watch straps come in multiple colors. Watch straps come in plain colors ranging from black and white to bright pink, blue and yellow. Straps, unlike watch faces, however John Klingberg Stars Jersey , also come in styles such as leopard print or polka dots. If you choose a metallic band (more on this later), there are also multiple options, such as chains or traditional links, both of which come in gold, silver, and platinum.

When choosing a watchstrap it is important to find a color and style that you enjoy Tyler Seguin Stars Jersey , and also one that matches your other jewelry. If you own mostly white gold, silver, or platinum jewelry you may prefer to opt for a white gold or silver watchband, or clasp, whereas if you own mostly gold jewelry then gold would probably be a better choice.

Face Shape and Style

Although probably not as important as the color of the watch face, the shape you choose for your watch face can make even an otherwise simple watch pop. The traditional circular watch face is still popular; however Jamie Benn Stars Jersey , there are now also watch faces available in ovals, rectangles and squares. If you want to be truly unique, there are also watches available in the shape of cats, or ones that are hidden inside of trendy bangles. Even the 鈥渂oring鈥?or 鈥渢raditional鈥?shapes now come in variations, such as rectangles with curved or inverted sides.

Along with the shape of the face, there is also the question of what you want on the face itself. Most fashionable watches for women have only the very basic 12 hour watch face Jason Spezza Youth Jersey , however some have extra dials for things such as the date (note: most of these are the more every-day or unisex watches, while the dressier fashion watches tend to stick to the plain 12-hour face). Beyond the extra dials, you need to ask yourself what type of 12-hour dial you would prefer: numbered, hashed, or hands only. Numbered dials allow for the easiest reading, with hashed dials being next easiest. The hands only dials Alexander Radulov Youth Jersey , while classic and stylish, can be difficult to read for an exact time.

Strap Material

The final variable in building your unique and interesting watch is to decide what material you would like the watchstrap to be. Watchstraps come in everything from rubber to leather to metallic styles, with each providing their own perks. There are also watches available that are on cuffs or bangles. The strap material should be something, again, that matches the accessories you already own, and should complement the watch face it goes with. The cuff and bangle watchstraps tend to be stiff and wear more like a regular bracelet than like a watch.

Another factor to consider when deciding on strap material is when you are going to be wearing the watch. For example Ben Bishop Youth Jersey , if you are shopping for a watch to wear to a nice event, a classic metallic bangle or chain band may be more appropriate than a bright pink plastic watchband. Furthermore, make sure that your watchband will be comfortable for you; if you are allergic, for example, to plastic material, avoid plastic watchbands.

Watches can be a beautiful and unique accessory Stephen Johns Youth Jersey , and a way to represent who you are. The color and style of the watch face and watchband can be mixed and matched to make your personal fashion statement.

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