Myrtle Beach custom-design furniture

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Myrtle Beach custom-design furniture

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Myrtle Beach custom-design furniture

A custom-design furniture and decor shop opened in Myrtle Beach’s Market Common shopping center last month.To get more news about wholesale furniture near me, you can visit official website.

Two Brothers WoodWorks now has a permanent location in the Grand Strand’s ever-growing “Uptown Downtown” business district, which has become a haven for locally-owned artisan shops and new restaurant concepts.
Two Brothers specializes in making furniture and decor from trees that might have otherwise been thrown out, owner Adam Landry said.

Adam Landry and his brother, Mark, got into woodworking when they were younger and stuck with it as they got older. The pair have their own mill for cutting up trees on some land they own in Tennessee. But they felt like a lot of wood was going to waste after the majority was chopped up for use in projects such as furniture and home building.

“When we started cutting the wood, it was kind of like, ‘Wow, this stuff’s too great. I mean, most people just throw this stuff away,’” Adam Landry said.

Or, in a case that’s worse for the environment, he said, home builders will just pile up leftover wood and burn it.

“So, we were able to salvage trees from getting burned or sent to the junk pile. That’s what we’re able to do — repurpose and salvage trees and make them into these awesome pieces,” he added.

Originally based in Murrells Inlet, where the business’ workshop is located, Two Brothers expanded into the Market Common last year and tested out a temporary storefront in the shopping center. After seeing a lot of traffic coming through their doors, Adam and Mark Landry said they decided to set up permanently.

In recent weeks, the business has been a little quieter because tourism season hasn’t started up yet, so Adam Landry said he’s looking forward to seeing a lot more people stopping by in the coming weeks.

“Tourist season’s not quite here. So most of most of the people have been coming in are local and a lot of the Market Common folks,” Adam Landry said. “But obviously, as spring break starts up, (shopping traffic) will definitely increase.”
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