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JUST BY THE SHEER SIZE and age of the country, there are innumerable things that come to mind when you think of China: an ancient culture full of beauty and history, very large cities with towering skyscrapers, incredible food from the street vendors up to high-end restaurants… Shanghai blends all of that into one thriving city. Though pandemic precautions mean the country remains mostly closed off to international tourists, it’s still one of our favorite cities in the world and so we offer up this Shanghai travel guide as inspo for when China reopens.To get more news about China travel advice, you can visit shine news official website.

Shanghai, which sits on the Yangtze River, is one of the most populated cities in the world and the most populated city in China. In a country known for its mega cities, Shanghai easily takes the crown. And so, a note up front: it would take us a year to create our ideal comprehensive listing of Shanghai, but the below primer travel guide is a good place to get started.

Often called the Paris of the East, Shanghai is a mix of modern towers that define its skyline, like the Oriental Pearl TV Tower with its iconic circular design, and quaint neighborhoods that make visitors feel like they’ve been transported to the romantic streets of Europe. It’s rare to hear anyone who’s visited speak of the peaceful, tree-lined former French Concession without a wistful tone in their voices.

shanghai travel guideShanghai skyline. Photo by zhujia1011/Getty Images/Canva
And then there’s the food. From classic xiao long bao to Michelin-star meals, top-floor observation towers to an after-dinner stroll along the Bund waterfront, Shanghai offers something for everyone.
One of the coolest times to visit Shanghai is around Chinese New Year, which tends to fall around late January or February. The city comes alive with vibrant decorations, special food, and an amazing lantern display.

Cherry blossom fans should head to the city in March to watch the blooms. There are thousands of cherry blossoms and dozens of varieties to see.

shanghai travel guideSpring cherry blossoms at Chenshan Botanical Garden. Photo by Geng Xu/Getty Images Signature/Canva
In September or early October, tourists can feast on traditional mooncakes (typically filled with red bean paste or lotus seed paste) for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

T+L Tip: Do be warned that during both of the national weeklong holidays, the entire population of the country is on the move, visiting relatives or taking their annual vacations, so public transit systems (planes and trains) are hectic and tickets need to be booked far in advance. If you want to travel from Shanghai around China, best to do use the lunar calendar as a guide for when not to visit (i.e., go outside of the Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn periods).Shanghai is known for hordes of bicycles and scooters zooming by on the streets. It’s an amazing sight to see, but pedestrians should remember to be extra careful.

It’s great to post photos and Google everything you see while on vacation, but remember some websites are blocked in China, including Facebook. But a digital detox isn’t necessarily a bad thing and less social media just means more time for being in the moment.

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