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Vixea Manplus the hypothalamus or pituitary, both located in the brain. In some cases, deficiency can be caused by a combination of primary and secondary factors. Your doctor will do some tests to determine the exact cause of your deficiency. What are the risk factors for a deficiency? Receiving a diagnosis of deficiency can sometimes raise even more questions, like this: "Why me? ". Below are some of the common risk factors for deficiency: Age: The prevalence of deficiency Manplus Vixea increases with age, as the body's natural production of decreases with age. Family history: You may have inherited a predisposition to your parents' deficiency. Concomitant diseases: Other diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and HIV infection can alter the amount of produced by the body. Drugs: Some medications such as opioid analgesics, nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), certain antifungals and anticonvulsants, prednisone and anti androgens may result in lower levels. Be prepared .

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